This page explains what features I will have on my blog.


Episode Reviews

I really don't like doing just a series review, so all my reviews will be of episodes. I may do more than one episode in a review, but usually no more than two or three a review. My reviews are either First Impressions or Ongoing thoughts.


First Impressions

For the first episode of each series, I will do a first impressions post. It will be the review of the first episode, but it will include my rating for the series (judging by the first episode), my impressions, and I will have the opening and ending video included in my post.

Ongoing Thoughts
All other episodes past the first one will be titled my ongoing thoughts. These will not have the opening or ending, but just my impressions, and what I rate the episode.


Anime Rankings
So at the beginning of each anime season, and at the end, I will rank them from best to worst. I may also do some random rankings by genre etc for fun.


My Picks
On the right side bar I will have all of the anime I pick from each season to watch. I will update each picture with my progress in that series. I will usually only have up to four season on the side bar at one time.

Extras include news posts, video posts, or anything else I post that isn't a review or anime ranking.

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