Thursday, April 11, 2013

Series Review: Amnesia

This story takes place in a fictional town, in a fictional country, in a fictional world. One morning, a young lady awakens to find that she has lost all her memories prior to that morning. Her life, her relationships, her very name—all gone. All that's left is a cell phone with numbers and names she doesn't recognize and Orion, a young boy that only she appears to be able to see. With Orion's guidance, she struggles to make sense of herself, a boyfriend she doesn't know and the thousand and one little things that make up a daily life. But with no memories left, the only alternative is to forge new ones, even if that means leaving old loves behind. 

One of my favorite animes in the Winter season! I loved every guy in this harem, and fell in love with all the music involved in this show. I must say that at first it was confusing and I was frustrated, but by the end after everything was explained, it felt amazing. It was beautiful, with the art and the eyes of everyone being so colorful. I can say the heroine was a little annoying at first, with her too stupid to live personality, but otherwise it was perfect!

I couldn't even tell you who my favorite guy is. My top three are Shin, Toma and Ukyou. Shin was the bad boy (my favorite), Toma was the protective needy sexy one (yum), and Ukyou was so cute and sweet it melted my heart. 

I wish there was a possibility for a second season, but I guess not. After having her memories taken from her for some reason, the heroine is thrown from world to world. With a cute fairy named Orion helping her she tries to make sense of it all. And in each world she is dating a new guy, but which one does she end up with?

Dark secrets, confusing clues, and romance. This anime has it all, if you can get past the stupid heroine that is.

Animation: 7/10
Characters: 8/10
Plot: 7/10
Overall: 7/10

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