Sunday, April 14, 2013

Uta no Prince Sama 2000% (2/13)

After settling down at the master course, a new character arrives! Cecil, a prince from the desert. He claims to love Haruka and says he doesn't want to become an idol?! His senior, Camus makes him compete against the members of STARISH in a battle of fundamentals. Who shall win?

Cecil's Song

Episode Two: Reincarnation of Love

This episode was even better than the first one! I was completely in love with this entire episode, and I think I'm in love with Cecil! This was his first real debut episode, and the song for the episode was his! He is introduced as a prince from a desert country, but it is suggested by the song (spoilers) that he is in fact Kukuru the cat from the first season, and Haruka's love and singing transformed him into a human?! (spoilers).

The only weird part about the episode was that Cecil keeps professing his love for Haruka, which I think is rushing it a little. He doesn't want to be an idol, he just wants to be with her and sing her songs. I think he's probably going to develop into my favorite male character in this harem, and I hope they end up together at the end of the 13th episode.

The episode got even more interesting with STARISH competing against Cecil in a card contest. Camus, Cecil's senior, tries to get him to listen even though he has no interest in learning about being an idol. In the end after Cecil loses the contest, he agrees to study to become an idol. My least favorite part about this master course thing is that there isn't allowed to be romantic relationships (but nobody should follow those rules).

So overall I'm loving this, and can't wait until the next episode releases! This is my favorite of the season so far.

This Episode: 10/10

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