Sunday, April 14, 2013

Majestic Prince (2/24)

Since becoming heroes after their spectacular performance at Udina base, Team Rabbits is called upon to set up the satellites as they show off for the news crews, but will they accomplish this seemingly easy mission?

Episode Two: Heroes Are Born

So compared to the first episode, I feel like this one lost the momentum that I first felt when watching the series. I can't expect there to be an epic battle every episode, or for Team Rabbits to pwn everything every episode, but I can at least expect them to not look stupid can't I? I sure hope so.

This time I actually got to watch the episode in HD thanks to my Crunchyroll membership that I just renewed. It greatly improved my thoughts on the art/animation of the series. Besides the unique character designs, I think that the art is pretty well done. I still don't like those two dumb ones on the end (well technically the blonde guy is super smart, but he seems stupid anyways). I wish they'd just get rid of those two and be a team of the awesome three, haha.

A few parts pulled my heartstrings, like the picture above when the people they saved came up and thanked them. I still believe this show has alot of potential either way. Theres 22 episodes left, and lots of places they could take this plot. I really hope it keeps me interested, because it seems to be a great one. 

Last but not least, I must comment that I love the soundtrack for this series. The opening is pretty good, as well as the ending, and the other music seems not too bad also. Hopefully they get a new opening thats even better for the second cour.

This Episode: 7/10

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